Some classes are eligible for a $60 off scholarship opportunity with the possibility of a FULL scholarship for full classes.  Details will be listed under the class/camp description page when available.

How it works: 

  1. Have your child draw a picture, make a short video or write us a letter about why they want to attend our class.
  2. Create an account through our registration system and add your child's information.
  3. Email the entry a minimum of 10 days prior to class start date to Your child will be temporarily registered to hold a spot.
  4. Entries will be selected 7 days prior to class start with notification to the recipients.
  5. If you are not a recipient, you will have the option to continue registration, or withdraw your child from the class. Your child will be automatically registered if no response is made by 5 days prior to class start date.

1 - 3 students will be selected to receive this scholarship. 

E-mail your entries to  Some restrictions may apply*.

*Number of eligible scholarships chosen is based on the number of kids registered.  Only one scholarship per child eligible during a school year.  Cannot be combined with other discounts.