What You Get For Your Money

The Value of Enrichment Programs

We have been asked quite a few times, "What value do I get for my money?"  It's simple. We understand the experience and expectations are different between you, as the parent, and your child.

Your Child

Your child will receive a fun and challenging hands on experience that will inspire them to look at the world in a different way.

They will learn about:

You as the Parent

For about $14/hr, your child will get an experience that will help them get excited about STEM activities. These experiences provide the kids the connection to the concepts behind these simple creations and help them look at the world completely different!  This is a TRUE learning opportunity.

At first glance, you might think that these activities can be found on the internet, so why attend our enrichment classes?   Well, here is why:

Here is example from our Aeronautical Engineering Enrichment Program:

We can take something as simple as a paper airplane and teach them about drag, lift, speed, calculating means and averages based on test results etc. We go over engineering terminology relevant to the class being taught and teach the kids how this terminology is related to engineering and the learning experience.

Engineering For Kids:
Inspiring the next generation of engineers!

Engineering Enrichment is intended for a stress free, fun experience to assist in giving your kids confidence to succeed above and beyond the classroom!