Giving Back

  We believe, more than anything else, that we are here to be of service to those around us. We as a team have a goal to not only help to spur on our local children to become problem solvers of the future, but to grow up to be respectful, helpful and caring of EVERY person they come into contact with. We want to encourage children to not only experiment to solve problems, but to do so with mankind's best interest in mind. 

  While there are many ways we like to give back to our community and world, one of the ways we do that locally is by sponsoring local youth in our programs. Not only do we want to help enroll under-privileged kids at no cost to their parents or guardians, but we want you to help do the same! So, for each 4-8 week class that has an enrollment of 20, we automatically offer that same class or any other class to a local child that is not able to get into a class otherwise. 

  We want our parents to give back too! If you'd like to be part of giving back with us, we want to help! If you would like to sponsor a child, whether it's with or without enrolling your own child, we will cut that enrollment price in half...and match it! We will enroll a 2nd child into that class at no charge also. While we are not a non-profit, and aren't able to offer it as a tax deductible donation, we believe that doing good inherently repays us... with or without a tax deduction!