Summer Camps


Engineering For Kids camps are the perfect mix of fun, hands-on learning projects and healthy, active play.  

Every day we'll take on a new engineering challenge that will have kids exploring their creativity while problem solving and collaborating with new friends. Mix in some fun games and outdoor activities, and your kids are sure to have a blast!

Full day camps may participate in swimming (Saanich camps only) and trips to local playgrounds.

We offer half and full day camps for kids as young as 5.5 years up to 13 years of age. 


How you register for camp depends on where the camp is being held.

To register for camps at:

Braefoot Community Association - please click here
Esquimalt Recreation (at Archie Browning Arena) - please click here
Saanich Recreation (at Royal Oak Middle School) - please click here
Selkirk Montessori School - please click here

For Esquimalt and Saanich, please search for "Engineering For Kids" or look under Specialty Camps.


Download a hardcopy of the schedule here: 2017 Summer Camps 

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MinecraftEDU Camps

MinecraftEDU is the educational version of the popular game where kids create, explore, and put their problem-solving skills to the test. Campers will use their knowledge of Minecraft to solve specific engineering challenges presented within Minecraft worlds unique to Engineering For Kids. Hands-on building, outside play, games and other activities are also a part of the full day Minecraft camp experience.

MinecraftEDU: Medieval Machinations: Learn how to use Redstone, MinecraftEDU’s version of electrical circuitry, through a Medieval themed adventure of creation, exploration, and castle besieging. Create mine cart tracks to gather resources, work together to build your kingdom, and design traps to defend your castle, all with the use of Redstone.

MinecraftEDU: Traveling into the Future: In this world of Minecraft, the earth has been ravaged by a series of natural disasters. Using engineering principles, campers will solve numerous challenges – from escaping a bunker on Mt. Everest to building a rocket to land on the moon – to make their virtual world of Minecraft a safe place for humanity once again.

Hands-On Building Camps

Amazing Race Week: Pack your bags engineers and get ready for an adventure! Team up with others to engineer designs that traverse the most treacherous terrain, brave the stormiest seas, and soar above the clouds. Can your team make it all the way around the world in just a few days?

Engineers Under Construction: Put on your hard hats engineers and get ready to explore civil, mechanical and environmental engineering like never before. From roads and tunnels to bridges and skyscrapers, students discover that no job is too tough for an Engineering for Kids engineer!

Heroes Week: It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…Heroes Week! Students will join other engineers their age as they seek ways to protect the world and save mankind in the process. They will join a league of heroes and will compete against other leagues by performing engineering-related challenges, such as saving an ecosystem from a potentially lethal oil spill.

Medieval Defense: Defend and Conquer Week: Do you have what it takes to defend your castle and maintain your family’s honor? Campers will build their castle and then work to defend it by engineering cannons and catapults. Become a knight and join us on the question for glory and justice!

Medieval Mayhem: The Engineering of Medieval Times: Here ye! Here ye! His Royal Highness King Kelvin bids you join him on a quest to eternal glory! In Medieval Mayhem, students unite together as a noble house and compete against others to build a kingdom worthy of greatness. Explore the Engineering of Medieval Times and joust your way to honor and battle your way to fame in this amazing adventure full of engaging engineering challenges.

Wreck-It Week: Smash! Crash! BOOM! You will join Wrecking Companies for the week and will attempt to work your way up the ranks of their company from Intern to President. You will compete against other wrecking companies in various engineering-related challenges, such as building a bridge from balsawood and constructing safety mechanisms to protect a raw egg from impact. Put on your hard hats and safety goggles and join the fun!

Sportball & Engineering for Kids Partner Camp: Keep kids moving & thinking all year long! Sportball & Engineering for Kids have partnered together to bring your child a one-of-a-kind camp experience – half sports & half STEM! Build problem-solving skills, discover how things work, and enjoy skill-focused play. Each day will be a new experience in both engineering & sports!