Engineering for Kids Featured in Nashville Business Journal

Engineering for kids was recently featured in the Nashville Business Journal in an article titled, "New kids' enrichment program focuses on science, tech, engineering, math".

The article is a Q&A with franchisee Neeti Agarwal about her Engineering For Kids in Nashville. Neeti explains her background, how she got started with Engineering for Kids, some details about what Engineering for Kids offers, and her plans for the future. The article also provides contact information for her location and some details about our franchise system.

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New kids' enrichment program focuses on science, tech, engineering, math

Neeti Agarwal is owner of Engineering for Kids of Nashville (2206 Husker Court, Brentwood; 615-261-9937; She opened the business March 1. The organization offers after-school programs, camps, evening classes, in-school field trips, workshops and other activities for children ages 4 to 14. It is one of 15 franchises of Fredericksburg, Va.-based Engineering for Kids.

Please explain your background and how you came to launch this business. I am an electrical engineer, with more than 12 years of digital business analytics experience. I came across Engineering for Kids when I was researching after-school programs that teach the STEM (science, ...

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