Engineering for Kids in Kaufman Herald

Engineering for Kids was featured in Kaufman Herald in an article titled, "National science program coming to Kaufman." The article started with Dori Roberts talking about her background and the need for starting this business, as well as what people can expect from the brand. Dori spoke about her goals for Engineering for Kids, how quickly the company has expanded and the success that she has seen since she first created EFK. Jo Patel was also interviewed and spoke about how she got involved with Engineering for Kids. She also touched on her plans for expanding the programs into schools in the Kaufman area and about her demo days that she offers once a month at the Perot Museum. Click here for the entire article or begin below.

National science program coming to Kaufman
By: Bobby Lewis

In 2000, Virginia high school teacher Dori Roberts began an after-school club called the Technology Student Association that participated in various engineering and science-based competitions. The group's membership eventually swelled to 180 students and Engineering for Kids was born.

“I tried to make the club fun, as well as competitive and that really appealed to a lot of students,” said Roberts, who is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Engineering for Kids.

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