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See what some of our franchisees have to say!

Fausto Torres

“I remember opening our learning center and seeing our first students...the faces of the children, amazed, after class saying ‘I want to be an engineer’ parent wrote on our Facebook ‘Congratulations for your great contribution to the education of our future adults’…there are a lot of memorable moments right now.”

Fausto Torres, Mexico

Shu-ling Garver

"From a sound business concept into real practice, I have had this unique experience first hand. Watching room packed kids building and racing sail boats in Stafford VA with excitement made me anxious to jump start our very own Engineering For Kids in Portland OR. This is a complete Win-Win, for our children to get excited about engineering, for our teachers to acquire valuable teaching experience, and for our franchise business to be profitable."

Shu-ling Garver, Portland Oregon

Sang and Sri Konaraddi

"Students love the freedom they get when completing their activities. They also enjoy the competition aspect Engineering for Kids provides. The more hands-on the better. Its like a playground for their mind! The parents are loving the programs because the kids are having so much fun and not to mention they are learning a lot!"

Sang and Sri Konaraddi, North Maryland

Tricia Pelger

"Parents love the hands-on STEM activities. Our projects bring STEM to life, and the students love building and learning!"

Mala Utamsing, San Francisco Bay Area

Patty Potts

"Wow!! This program is truly amazing! The more I dive in, the more inspired I get. The parent reception to it is fascinating! I knew it would be a hit but the speed at which it is taking off is amazing. Well done, Dori!"

Patty Potts, Northern Virginia


"Engineering For Kids gives me the opportunity to provide children an education that teaches preparation, critical thinking, stability…all through fun and conceptual hands-on learning!"

Ekta Chaudhary, Northern Virginia


"I was looking online for entrepreneurial ideas that I could do with my son...I found Engineering For Kids and discovered it was a good fit—for both of us! Engineering For Kids offers an enriching education that is as much fun to learn as it is to teach. I’m glad to be a part of Engineering For Kids."

Javier Garay, Greater Philadelphia


"Engineering For Kids prepares children for the future. It’s fun and educational, it provides opportunities to kids and teaches them about life. Parents love the hands-on aspect to the programs…their kids have fun while learning at the same time! It’s such a great fit."

Jo Patel, Greater Dallas


“I want Engineering For Kids to reach as many people as possible. The positive feedback I receive from parents and students helps me stay positive and focused.”

Sid Todi, New Delhi

"I was amazed by the brilliance. All parents looking to broaden their child’s education, listen up…fun kids engineering classes are popping up all around the county. It is all thanks to the genius concept behind Engineering For Kids, which offers hands-on learning for ages 4-14 in the all-important STEM areas."

Melissa Francis, Fox Business Journalist

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