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Our camps are designed and scheduled to supplement and enrich your child's existing education. We host numerous programs across spring and winter breaks, as well as summer. 

Out of this world Is mankind ready to inhabit the moon? With a little help from Engineering for Kids® students, humans will be prepared to take up residence by the end of the week! Students will collaborate with their Space State teams to create the safest and most effective community on the moon. Which team will earn enough Astro-Points to be declared the winner? During Out of this World camp, students will explore three fields of engineering: aerospace, civil, and chemical. Collaborating with their Space State teams, they will design and construct a variety of projects that will enable mankind to safely inhabit the moon.

Wreck-It Camp Smash! Crash! BOOM! Students in this camp will join Wrecking Companies for the week and will attempt to work their way up the ranks of their company from Intern to President. They will compete against other wrecking companies in various engineering-related challenges, such as building a bridge from balsawood and constructing safety mechanisms to protect a raw egg from impact. Put on your hard hats and safety goggles and join the fun! During Wreck-It Week, students will explore four fields of engineering: mechanical, civil, aerospace, and industrial as they design and construct a variety of projects that will then be used in a wrecking scenario.

How Amusing Ah, the thrill of an amusement park…zipping around on racecars, zooming through the loops of a rollercoaster, trying your luck at a floating boat game, and enjoying a cold, refreshing ice cream treat at the end of a hot, sticky day. Can’t get better than that! During this camp, students will divide into competitive theme park teams. They will challenge other teams in specific engineering-related contests with the goal of creating the most fantastic and thrilling theme park experience. At the end of the week, only one team will emerge as the winner and will be granted the prestigious honor of creating the world’s next great amusement park for children ages 0-99 to enjoy for summers to come!

Engineering Olympiad Who has the strength to be a world-class athlete? In this five-day camp, students will separate into counties and will compete against opposing counties in various tests of mental and creative strength. The students will earn “medals” throughout the week and will endeavor to become the next great team of Olympians. During this Engineering Olympiad camp, students will explore the fields of mechanical engineering, marine engineering, electrical engineering, and civil engineering as they participate in various challenges to strengthen their minds.  

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