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FUN! Educational Brain Sport!
Engineering is a “team sport”

We put the EXCITEMENT in S.T.E.M. education by offering engaging, age appropriate, inquiry based, hands-on-learning for children ages 4 to 14 through FUN activities from designing and constructing rockets, hot air balloons, and roller coasters to programming and coding LEGO® Robots and video games. We invite you to find out why our young engineers take our classes every year!

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No other program compares!

We offer the most comprehensive Engineering Enrichment Program! Our students do not repeat the same curriculum, unless requested as an encore class.

Our focus is developing our students’ problem solving, critical thinking, and teamwork skills. These life skills provide students with the confidence to approach challenges in their lives and realize that they can succeed.

In addition to the development of S.T.E.M Conceptual Skills, Software & Hardware Skills, and 21st Century Skills gained by completing our vast amount of Engineering For Kids courses, our students also start to develop Engineering "Habits of Mind". Habits of mind are traits or ways of thinking that affect how a person looks at the world or reacts to a challenge. Engineering habits of mind are aligned with what many believe are essential skills for citizens in the 21st century.

Engineering Habits of Mind
  • Communicate Effectively
  • Use Systems Thinking
  • Work Effectively in Teams
  • Are Persistent
  • Apply Math & Science to Problem Solving
  • Make Data-driven Decisions