Spring & Summer Camps 2018

The 2018 Schedule will be available in late January.  Please stay tuned for a new registration system and camps for the 2018 season!

Thank you for supporting Engineering for Kids.

Engineering Camps offer innovation, imagination, and fun learning. Camp goers design, create, test, and improve solutions to real world engineering challenges. Each camp is inquiry based and presents S.T.E.M related projects designed to be thoughtful, exciting, 100% hands-on: brains-on and fun. Our goal is to enhance critical thinking and problem solving development which are skills kids will carry through their academic years and into their adult careers.

Camps are located at Streets of SouthGlenn Learning Center
6972 S. Vine Street, Suite 353, Centennial, CO 80122 (Next to the Arapahoe Library)

Ages groups:


We offer high quality, fun and smart Tech Camps at a fair price.

Engineering For Kids Instructors are engineers and successful engineers, engineering undergraduates and STEM teachers that care about teaching your camper the basics of how to solve problems, build things and create something new and fun.   All staff members are adults and have experience or education in Engineering, Robotics and/or Programming.

Robotics Camp:

In Robotics, campers will learn to program and build a robot that is appropriate for their age group.

Ages  6 - 8:

Campers will build independently with LEGO® Education based robots. Instructors will lead students through building mechanisms using gears, motors and sensors, then apply simple programming logic to make them move, dance and make sounds!  Instructors will present engineering basics, core aspects of simple machines and the basics of coding.

Ages 9 - 12:

Campers will learn to build and program with a LEGO® Mindstorms EV3 robot! Instructors lead campers through a number of fun themed games, obstacle courses and challenges in order to learn the basics of robotics using gears, motors and sensors. Robot challenges can be worked out in teams or individually based on each camper’s desires and skill set. Campers will learn Engineering and Robotics based fundamentals, simple machine basics and core programming skills.

Ages 12 – 14:  

Campers will experience the best in robotics design and visual programming through our Robotics Camp. Experienced instructors will lead campers through solving real-world based problems and overcome fun challenges with the robot. All students will gain the basic skills in the beginning of the week and then progress through games, obstacle courses, and challenges. We encourage campers to work independently throughout the course, but may choose to work in teams. 

Engineering Camps:

Campers can experience the most in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) through building Engineering Projects and learning about the field of Engineering.

Each day at Camp, students will explore Engineering through hands-on building of projects. Each Camp will offer age appropriate projects that explore the areas of Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Electrical Engineering. Students will learn the basics of simple machines, circuits, rockets, and structures. Campers will build and take home projects such as launchers, catapults, LED games, bottle rockets and more (projects vary according to age.)

Don’t miss this great opportunity to gain real-world Engineering learning through building and exploration.