We're Hiring!

Engineering for Kids Denver is Seeking Engineering Students or aspiring STEM Teachers to Lead and Co-Lead Kids After-School technical, and engineering  projects for young kids in Elementary and Middle School.

Send Resumes to Iris Lozano - email:  Denver@EngineeringForKids.com

Get paid to do what you love - inspiring kids to love learning through hands-on building and projects.  You will also gain work experience, get exposure and develop relationships with administration and parents at Denver Area Independent and Public Schools.

TIME REQUIREMENT: 10 - 30 hours a week
3 hours on scheduled days during the week and possible Friday evening and Saturday hours at our learning center hosting fun programs for extended learning - i.e. science fair support, PI-Day, Valentine's Day LED Cards, Mother/Daughter Engineering projects, etc..

SCHOOL YEAR - AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMS: September 2016 - May 2017
Able to work a minimum of the same two 60-90 minute classes per week within the after school time window (2:30PM-6:00PM) over 10-17 weeks at a time.  We seek instructors who are interested in up to seven 60 - 90 minute class session per week.  We work with you schedule to choose days.  We emphasize that this is a part-time position, we normally offer between 2 and 7 60 - 90 minute hour classes per week.

Locations may vary day to day or week to week, however, we will assign locations based on preference, availability and company needs.

This opportunity is for our leaders of tomorrow who want to share the passion they have for their career choice (and get paid).

Future STEM Teachers: take advantage of the opportunity to work with different grade levels to help you decide your preference, and to further develop your classroom management skills.

Future Engineering, Technology and Math/Science graduates: take this opportunity to pass the torch, influence the next generation, and further develop your transferable career skills. 

Certified Teachers: get some supplemental income to do what you do best - TEACH!

We visit different schools every day throughout Denver to teach 60-90 minute class. Classes are student-directed and your role as the teacher is to provide direct instruction when necessary, but majority of your time is spent coaching students in their inquiry. 

Lesson plans, supplies, and training are provided.During class, we discuss that type of engineer (i.e. Aerospace Engineer), fun facts and definitions related to the challenge, the Engineering Design Process (EDP), the choice of materials and explain the challenge itself. Using their engineering journals, they record the definitions, their ideas, their designs, and test results. Majority of the time is spent in the build and test steps of the EDP.

APPLY TODAY -email Iris Lozano, denver@engineeringforkids.com or call 720-390-7972.