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Master engineers

We are Passionate about our programs because we believe that early exposure to S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education has a lasting impact on a child's future. 

At Engineering for Kids, we put the excitement in S.T.E.M education by offering fun, hands-on learning for children ages 4 to 14.  

Our offering includes activities that range from building rockets, roller coasters, hot air balloons to making foam and flub to programming video games and robots. The variety of programming is extraordinary. 

We provide the most comprehensive Engineering Program covering the following:  
- Aerospace Engineering 
- Chemical Engineering 
- Marine Engineering 
- Environmental Engineering 
- Mechanical Engineering  
- LEGO® Robotics  
- Industrial and Civil Engineering 
- Electrical Engineering 
- Electrical and Video Game Design  

Our little chemical engineer

Master engineers