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Happy Chinese New Year 2015 - Year of the Goat

Happy Chinese New Year - Year of the Goat!

Engineering for Kids in Queens, NYC want to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year. It is the Year of the Goat! As we embark on a new year with you, we will continue the traditional quality of a goat, which is being calm, gentle, creative, thoughtful, amicable, persevering, frank and honest. Happy Chinese New Year everyone!


Engineering for Kids is coming to The Kew-Forest School

Engineering for Kids in Queens, NYC is proud and very excited to offer our S.T.E.M. after-school enrichment programs at The Kew-Forest School. The Kew-Forest School's belief is to educate a child so that he or she can become a responsible member of society, develop each child to achieve their highest potential and that their heritage and background is relevant to the future of this free country of ours. Engineering for Kids believes that diverse experiences early in a child's education allow the child to build confidence, grow and succeed in life. De Chen, Owner of Engineering for Kids in Queens and Jennifer Woerner, After School Program Director of The Kew-Forest School, recognizes the need for more STEM enrichment programs, to educate and develop students to be the future generation of engineers, makes a strong partnership to offer Engineering, LEGO Robotics and Electronic Game Design programs to the students in the 2014-2015 academic school year. These hands-on-learning programs give students the most unique learning experience ever!

De Chen and Lupita showcase creative materials

Welcome to Engineering for Kids in Queens, NYC!

Engineering for Kids in Queens, NYC is a STEM enrichment program that, unlike other programs, has a strong focus on Engineering. Our curriculum was carefully developed to encourage students to discover, learn and explore this subject with hands-on activities in a fun, non-competitive environment. In addition to this, we provide quality over quantity. Our classes are small with a student to teacher ratio of 4:1, which gives students a better learning experience. 

De Chen and his wife Lupita show off their creations. (Photo by Hubert Lu, Reporter/Photographer, World Journal)

Engineering for Kids in action! (Video by Mike Cavanaugh, VP of Marketing, Engineering for Kids)

We do have a reputation to fall back on and our prices might not be the cheapest, but our programs are unique. We do not call our programs "Engineering for Kids" just because we want to. Our programs meet national standards in STEM: Science (NSES), Technology and Engineering (ITEEA) and Mathematics (NCTM). Because of this, Engineering for Kids proudly serves a variety of prestigious institutions in New York City such as The Kew-Forest School, The Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Day of Whitestone, and PS 101Q "The School in the Gardens".  

Apprentice Engineers assembled during the last class of Engineering for Kids' LEGO® Robotics: MINDSTORMS® program. (Photo by De Chen, Photographer)

Our parents come from diverse fields and backgrounds, understand the need for programs like Engineering for Kids. For example, we have a Mom, who is an educator, have her 5 year-old take our Jr. LEGO® Robotics program. Her son loves LEGO® and according to her, there is no program like ours for younger children. We also have LEGO® programs available for older children up to 14 years old. Another example is a couple, the Father is a Lawyer and the Mother is the Principal of a NYC College, they have their daughters, ages 8 and 11, take our Electronic Game Design program to foster their creativity. They like our program because they can design and build the game from scratch, which really promotes their creativity, as well as, critical thinking skills. Last, we have a Mom, who is a musician, have her 11 year-old daughter take our Mechanical Engineering program. Her daughter is very creative and excels in music, painting and drawing. She wants her daughter to see that her talent and creativity can be applied to the fields of STEM. Both, Mom and daughter liked the program so much that the younger daughter is joining our next program. 
All these people see the value in our programs because they are aware of the lack of STEM offerings in the market place and school system.

As parents, we understand the importance of education and enrichment activities, especially in this very competitive world. Thus, we'd like to take this opportunity for you to try one of our programs. To enroll, click the Register link.
We look forward to hearing from you and inspiring your children to be the next generation of engineers!   

De Chen 
CEO & Owner 
Engineering for Kids 
NYC Serving Queens  

Hosting Engineering for Kids at Your School is EASY!

  • We do all the work! Flyers, registration, payment processing, teaching and clean up!
  • Professional trained instructors who know how to have fun.
  • Include us in your existing enrichment schedule or run us as a stand-alone program.
  • Available to grades K-8 with age appropriate lessons.
  • Sessions available in 4, 6, or 8 week.
  • Clubs run any day of the week.
  • Sessions start any week of the school year.
  • Absolutely NO COST to your school.

Interested in Engineering for Kids?

Please contact us or your PTA/PTO, school administrators and directors of preschool, parks and recreation facilities, if you are interested in having Engineering for Kids at your local school, center or home.

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